Wednesday, November 26, 2008




Two sisters who are local residents are appealing to the Sabah National Rçgistration Department (NRD) to reconsider their applications for MyKad.

Marra Jabar, 16, and her 14-year- old sister Ernalin Jabar said despite being neglected by their parents since 1990, they have kept their birth certificates, clinical cards and copies of their parents’ identity cards to support their MyKad applications.

“We have been coming to the NRD office four times, right from when it was still in Wisma Dang Bandang in Kota Kinabalu, but our applications were rejected on the grounds that both our parents had to be present.

“How are our parents supposed to be present when they left us when we were young? We were told that our dad is in West Malaysia but we don’t know where our mum is,” said Marra who was in tears after her application for a MyKad was once again rejected even though her particulars are recorded in the computer.

Speaking to reporters at the NRD head office here on Tuesday, Marra said she is appealing to the NRD to reconsider their application as she and Ernalin are both local residents and need the MyKad to enable them to get a proper job.

“Since our parents left us, we have never been to school and have been staying at our relative’s place in Kampung Rampayan. How long can we live like this? We want to be independent and lead a normal life like everyone else.

“We are really disappointed because each time we came to enquire about our MyKad application, they (theNRD officers) kept telling us that our parents must be present. How can our parents be present when they don’t care about us anymore?” she said.

She also said they tried to contact their father in Peninsular Malaysia so that he can come back to Sabah and help with their application, but to no avail.

Meanwhile, Nusrah Juban, 24, a cousin of the two girls, also appealed to the NRD to be more considerate.

“The girls have all the supporting documents to apply for a MyKad, but the NRD refused to proceed with their application saying they need to be accompanied by their parents. But how is this possible when their parents have left them since young?” she said.

Attad @ Bentan Alamin, 28, a fellow villager, has been helping the girls with their application.

“It saddens me to think of the girls fate. I will not give up and will keep on helping the girls to get the MyKad that they deserve,” Attad said.