Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Excavator operator nearly killed by bomb


An excavator operator nearly triggered an old bomb when working at a construction site in Luagan near Kampung Luagan Baru and Kampung Toboh Baru here on Monday evening.

Adnan Barisan, 28, yesterday said at the construction site that he found the bomb, believed to be used during the Second World War, when doing earthwork at 5.46pm.

“I felt something wrong with the Hitachi excavator I was operating. I stopped the work and went down to see. When I saw the object was like a bomb, I felt scared and moved away from the place immediately,” he said.

Adnan reported to the foreman and after ensuring that it was a bomb, the foreman contacted the Police who came and fenced up the area immediately.

The Police have stationed personnel round the clock to prevent people from getting near the bomb.

District Police Chief DSP Zahari Mohammad when contacted yesterday, confirmed the existence of the bomb but had not set any date to detonate it.

He advised the public not to go near the area because it is dangerous.

A bomb was found in the same area three years ago. It was detonated by the Bomb Disposal Unit from the Police Headquarters in Kepayan.