Monday, November 24, 2008




Residents and business operators along Jalan Bundusan will be relieved to know that the road upgrading project will be completed in April next year.

“It was the consensus from all quarters involved, the contractor, Public Works Department (PWD), utilities companies, telecommunication companies, City Hall and the Penampang District Council, among others during a meeting here today,” Kapayan Assemblyman Datuk Edward Khoo said.

Speaking to reporters after attending the meeting which was held at the Penampang District Council building yesterday, Khoo said he was satisfied with the outcome of the meeting.

“We have ironed out some of the technical problems involving the agencies and it was the consensus that the project will be completed in April. There will be no more delays,” Khoo who is also Assistant Minister to the Chief Minister, said.

According to him, the current delay was because Telekom Malaysia has requested addition time to recast its underground cables and the extra wet spell in the past few months had also played its part in making it very difficult for the work to proceed smoothly.

Earlier in the meeting, Khoo also asked that the road signages, especially those informing roadusers of diversions, to be placed accordingly.

“Diversion of traffic must also be planned properly and implemented smoothly because traffic flow there seems to change, making it very confusing for the roaduser” he said.

Khoo pointed out that the contractor and PWD should not assume that the road is only used by locals who would be familiar with the diversions and potholes and know how to avoid them.

“You must remember that there are tourists from outside Sabah like Sarawak and Brunei Darussalam who also drive here. So in the course of doing your work, treat yourself like a roaduser then you will understand how they feel and do what is right,” he said.

He also reminded the contractor meeting, and PWD to ensure that all the signages are installed with blinkers which are lit up at night.

“Already it is difficult to manoeuvre along the road with the ongoing upgrading works but it is extra dangerous for roadusers at night because they cannot see the diversions,” he said when stressing the need to have the blinkers as it can prevent any untoward incidents.

Meanwhile, PWD Engineer Mohd Shamsul Nizam who chaired the meeting, said the project was 68 percent completed.
Section 1 (KDCA to jalan Penampang Lama roundabout), Section 2 (Jalan Penampang Roundbout to JPJ) and section 5 (Jalan Kolam) are completed.

Only Section 3 (JPJ to Atlantis Restaurant) and Section 4 (Atlantis to SGCC roundabout) are still in progress, he said.

To a question if the electricity supply would be severely affected as the project continues, Mohd Shamsul replied that there would no be major power problem.

“There will however be two shutdowns but rest assured, notices will be published in the media so that the public is informed in advance,” he said.

He also said completed parts of the road will be lit up by mid December as streetlights would be installed by then.