Thursday, October 23, 2008


Civil servants do not understand No Wrong Door concept


Lack of understanding of the ‘No Wrong Door’ concept, which was introduced at all Federal Government Departments throughout the country, has been blamed for its poor implementation in Sabah. State Federal Secretary Datuk Ismail Wadin, when disclosing this yesterday, stressed that the concept has not been successfully implemented as it has not been understood by the Federal civil servants here. “There are still people in some Departments who do not understand this concept. And unless the concept is understood, it will be difficult to implement it effectively,” he told reporters during the Federal Department’s Raya Open House at how the concept is supposed to work. “We do not want the public to be told to go from one Department to another. “When a person approaches a particular Government Department for help, that Department must refrain from directing the person to other Departments. “The staff from that Department should call the relevant Department and help the person solve his or her problem as fast as possible. The Government staff are placed there to assist the people,” he said. Some 5,000 people attended the Raya function, which featured performance by local artistes and a vast selection of food and beverages. At the event, Tun Ahmadshah and Musa presented Raya goodies to 30 recipients from Suria Welfare Foundation. its administrative complex along Sulaman Road near here yesterday. Head of State Tun Ahmadshah Abdullah, Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman as well as several Cabinet Ministers and senior officers were present at the event. Ismail however added that the concept will be implemented in stages and that they are looking for the best solution to the problem. “We will be. conducting talks on the subject to ensure that Federal civil servants in Sabah have a better understanding of the concept,” he said. The concept is part of the Public Service Commitment 2008 (PSC2008) announced early this year and aimed at improving the services rendered by Government Departments. Ismail also cited an example of