Monday, October 27, 2008


New bridge to be built soon: Bumburing


Tuaran Member of Parliament Datuk Seri Panglima Wilfred M Bumburing has assured residents of Kampung Namadan that a new suspension bridge across the Tuaran River to Kampung Malangang Baru, to replace the old one that was swept by a recent flood, will be built in three to four weeks. He made the assurance after being told by State Development Office (SDO) Director HajiMatusinSunsang that the funds for the project would be made available and construction would begin in two to three weeks. Bumburing, who is also Upko Deputy President, was at the site together with Matusin accompanied by their respective officers after the plight of the Namadan folks was highlighted on TV3 prime news on Oct 26. “I have actually forwarded an application for funds for 72 suspension bridges, either to build new ones or to repair existing ones that are damaged, and I have forwarded them personally to the Federal Rural and Regional Development Ministry,” said Bumburing. He thanked Matusin for visiting the site and for approving a special allocation for the bridge project. “We hope that all implementing agencies appointed by the Government to carry out development projects in various capacities will be proactive in the implementation of Government developments that would directly benefit the rakyat so that the people won’t have to wait longer than necessary,” he added. Meanwhile Matusin said that based on calculations by Goh kiet Khee, the engineer he brought along to visit the bridge, RM120,000 would be immediately allocated to build a new bridge. Based on current procedures and barring any obstacles, the project would start in two or three weeks, he said, adding that time is needed to draw the structural plans and to call for tenders. Bumburing (second right) and Matusin (third right) inspecting the site for the new bridge