Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Kong pledges to strengthen MCA Sabah


MCA Penampang Chief Datuk Paul Kong’s hard work and strong grassroots ties have resulted in him being elected into the Party’s Central Committee. Kong joins MCA Sabah Chairman Assistant Minister in the Chief Minister’s Department Datuk Edward Khoo in the Central Committee. He has pledged his commitment towards strengthening MCA Sabah as he is of the opinion that there is a lot of room for the Party in the State to enhance its position as the second largest national based Party in Sabah. “I will cooperate with the new MCA leaders and act as a bridge between Sabah and the central leadership,” the State Vice Chairman said and expressed his hope that in the next general election, MCA Sabah will get more representation in terms of seat allocation. Kong who garnered 1,184 votes, attributed his success to the grassroots support he received from supporters in Sabah and Peninsular Malaysia. “I started from the grassroots itself so I know it is important to be with them,” he said, adding that he spent most of last month with the grassroots as they are the ones who determine the Party’s leaders. He pointed out that several prominent figures, including Deputy Unity, Culture Arts and Heritage Minister Teng Boon Soonand Senator Lee Chee Keong were not successful in the Party’s election and failed to get enough votes to be elected into the Central Committee. It was a very tough fight but his efforts paid off, Kong said and expressed his heartfelt gratitude to his Division’s members who had gone all out to assist him. When asked to comment on the Party’s new leadership, Kong said Party President Datuk Ong Tee Keat, his Deputy Datuk Dr Chua Soi Lek and other leaders were all senior as well as matured politicians and he would support them. On whether he supported Party President Datuk Ong Tee Keat’s proposal for the State MCA Chairmen to be elected and not appointed, Kong said it is an appropriate move. “At the moment, the Youth and Women Chiefs are elected so it is not fair that the State Chairmen be appointed by the Party President, How can the elected work under someone who is appointed?” he said.