Thursday, October 23, 2008


Road accidents drop but fatalities increase


Less road accidents were reported in the first nine months of this year compared to the similar period in 2007, but there was a slight increase in fatalities. District Police Chief DSP Madang Usat in disclosing this yesterday, said that a total of 840 accidents were reported between January and September this year, which showed a drop of 12 per cent or 112 cases, compared to 2007’s 952 cases. In the first nine months this year, 12 fatalities were reported, nine seriously injured and 50 escaped with minor injuries compared to the same period last year with 10 fatalities, 24 seriously injured and 74 suffered minor injuries. “Between January and September this year, the month of June recorded the highest road accidents with 101 cases, followed by March (98),January (97), May (96), September (95), April (92), February (87), July (84) and August (82),” said Madang during the Road Safety Campaign launched along Putatan Road yesterday. He added that the number of drunk drivers caught also reduced by 44 cases or 24.4 per cent from 180 cases between Jan-Sept 2007 to 136 cases in the first nine months this year. “This is a good sign as it shows that people are beginning to realise the danger of driving while under the influence of alcohol,” he said. The number of summonses issued to motorists for various traffic offences however showed an increase of 12 per cent or 907 cases. “we issued 8,566 summonses between January and September this year, compared to only 7,659 summonses in the first nine months last year,” he said. Madang stressed that the Police would continue to monitor road users in the district, advising them to abide by the traffic rules and regulations at all times. During the event, Madang distributed road safety leaflets and stickers to motorists.