Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Bombon intruders warned of heavy fine


Stern warning of heavy fine is given to those who try to flout the “bombon” or “tagal” (ban on fishing) in the Wariu River at Kampung Tambulion Ulu near here. Chairman of the Tambulion “Bombon” Committee, Jubelit Paun, who is also a Pemaju Mukim of Kadamaian Ulu, said the “tagal” over the three-kilometre stretch of the Wariu River in Tambulion Ulu has been there since July 2000 and it has never been disbanded. “Some villagers and outsiders reportedly tried to flout the ‘tagal’, but we have been lenient on the cases in the past even though we could have meted a very heavy fine on the intruders,” he said in a statement yesterday. There are three main categories of transgression. Firstly, those who use explosives, poisons and electric to fish which carries a maximum RM1,000 fine; secondly, using nets which carries a maximum RM800 fine; and thirdly, using smaller nets like “siud”, fishing rod, or bare hands which carries a maximum RM500 fine, Jubelit added. He also disclosed that the traditional practice of” bombon” was launched by the then District Officer, Hamzah Zakariah, and that the fines were established and everybody has respected it. “This is a collective community policy of the Dusun Tindals in Tambulion Ulu to ensure villagers and their immediate families or our special guests would celebrate it when we open the ‘tagal’, normally once every year. “So please be respectful and obedient because lawbreakers would surely be caught since my committee now is more alert after the few reported instructions on the three-kilometer ‘tagal-ed’ river,” Jubelit said.