Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Batu Sapi Umno faces new meet over dispute


The Batu Sapi Umno divisional meeting will be reconvened on November 9, as the State Umno Liaison Committee is expected to rule that the earlier meeting on Oct 18 was invalid and not conducted in accordance with rules and regulations. Its Divisional Head Datuk Juhar Mahiruddin said yesterday that the so-called divisional meeting of Umno Batu Sapi as reported was never sanctioned by Sabah Umno Liaison Office as the same had been postponed under clause 6.3 of the Umno meeting regulations after a request by members and party branches in the division was received. Moreover the Wanita and Pemuth wings of the division have not convened their respective meetings since few of the branches’ meetings of both wings are still under investigation by the Sabah State Liaison Office, according to him. “The so-called divisional meeting was a nullity since notice of postponement has been issued to all branches and delegates. Despite the postponement, the deputy head of the division and his group went ahead with the said meeting and declared them as having won (no written sanction or approval was issued for them to proceed with the said meeting,” said Juhar who is the State Legislative Assembly Speaker. Datuk Surady Kayong who was the official representative appointed by the State Umno Liaison Office to monitor the said meeting was absent. No tabling of reports by the Secretary and Treasurer was done at the said meeting. In essence there was no written approval from the State Umno Liaison Office for the deputy head to proceed with the said meeting, Juhar stressed. It was reported earlier that Juhar had lost the Batu Sapi Umno Chief Post at the Oct 18 meeting. But Juhar added: “Samsuddin Yahya has in fact never won the said post.”