Thursday, October 9, 2008


Two conmen clean a housewife of her savings


A housewife from Stampin is left RM50,000 poorer by two individuals who claimed to be welfare officers at her residence on Wednesday. The incident happened at about l0 am at the victim’s residence where she was approached by the so-called ‘officers’, a man and woman, who offered to help the victim to facilitate her late husband’s financial matters. The conmen allegedly told the victim that she was required to withdraw about RM30,000 from her savings to avoid income tax during the transaction. The victim agreed and was brought to a bank at Satok to withdraw the money and the victim was again requested by the ‘officers’ to withdraw more money at Mile 7, where she was later brought to a bank there to withdraw another RM25,000. After the transaction, the victim was ‘requested’ by the ‘officers’ to hand over the money and savings account book to the two men. The victim was said to have complied. The victim was sent home by the conmen later in the afternoon and was later picked up again by the two who claimed that the final transaction would be done at a bank in Jalan Laksamana Cheng Ho. The victim was brought to the bank and was told to wait inside the bank. When the victim entered the bank and sat down, it then hit her that she felt something was amiss. The victim came out from the bank but could not find the ‘officers’. It was then she realised that she had been cheated. She approached the nearest police station to lodge a report. The police are investigating. Meanwhile an elderly housewife has lodged a police report alleging that she has been cheated by two men and a woman who claimed they could help her to withdraw her EPF money on Sept 24. The victim, in her early 60s, was allegedly told that before she could complete the transaction, she needed to withdraw RM15,000 from her account, which she eventually did.