Monday, October 6, 2008


Police constable slashed by burglar in Luyang


A Police constable received five stitches on the forehead after a scuffle with a man who broke into a house in Damai, Luyang, yesterday morning. Acting City Police Chief Superintendent Rowell Marong said the suspect managed to escape with his accomplice in the 4. 3Oam incident. “We received a call from a member of the public who noticed someone breaking into the house. A team was immediately rushed to the scene. “One of the suspects escaped after seeing my men at the scene, while the other was inside the house. There was a scuffle between the suspect, who was armed with a knife, and one of my men, Constable Pesly Ubud,” said Rowell. In his bid to escape, the suspect slashed Pesly on the forehead. “A shot was fired and based on the blood on the floor, we believe that the suspect was hit,” said Rowell. It is learnt that the house occupants were fast asleep on the first floor when the incident occurred. “The suspect even helped himself to the Raya cookies left the table. That had probably delayed him a little,” said Rowell when met at the Kepayan Police Headquarters here. Pesly was later rushed to hospital and was given outpatient treatment. State Crime Investigations Department Chief SAC II Zainal Abidin Kasim said this was just among the occupational hazards faced by policemen everywhere. “But we have to face the challenge,” he said after witnessing the handing over of the State Narcotics Department Chief post from DSP Saw Hock Tek to incoming Superintendent Foo Chee Lip. Earlier in his speech, Zainal said that the Narcotics Department is lucky to have Foo in their team, describing the latter as an experienced and hardworking man. “I believe that Foo will be able to bring his Department to a higher level with his expertise. I am sure that he will not face any problem as ail the district Police Chiefs and district crime officers have been very cooperative with me,” he said. Zainal also stressed that the crime activities in Sabah would also be a challenge to the newcomer. “In the last 50 days here (in Sabah), I have noticed that there are more violent crime cases compared to property crime. “And most of the violent crime cases are related to drug abuse. The kind of drugs used may not be the same as those in West Malaysia, and the addicts are more aggressive and willing to do anything including theft and causing hurt. But with Foo’s expertise, I believe we will be able to work together and curb these activities,” he said. Foo, on the other hand, said that this was his first posting to Sabah and pledged to work hard. “It is also my hope that the media would also be working closely with us and report well, which will reflect on our successes,” he said. Prior to his transfer here, Foo was attached to the Selangor Narcotics Unit for five and a half years.