Tuesday, October 14, 2008


126 testify against claim that Tenom meetings illegal


One hundred aid twenty-six individuals comprising permanent chairmen and chairmen from 58 Umno Divisions in Tenom were called to the Sabah Umno Liaison Committee office here to have their statements recorded ateraclaim that their meetings were illegal. Tenom Umno Chief Datuk Rizalman Abdullah met the delegation recently after announcing that he had won the post uncontested along with Matusin Balang and Anuar Mohamad for the Tenom Umno Deputy and Vice Chief posts rspectively. ‘According to Kemabong People’s Development Leader Sukaimin Rukini, they were called by a special committee to testify against Rizalman’s claim. Also present were Kemabong Assemblyman Datuk Rubin Balang who was nominated for the Tenom Umno Chief post; Suhaili Guraman (Division Deputy Chief candidate) and Esar Andamas (Division Vice Chief candidate). A group of people gathered outside the Umno Liaison Committee office as early as 9am, and only two persons were called in at a time. “I hope the special committee will tell us the results of this session as soon as possible,” said Sukaimim. Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman, who is also the Sabah Umno Chairman, had last week stated that a special committee would be formed to monitor and investigate claims that the delegates meetings in Tenom were illegal. Rizalman’s controversial statement was questioned by Rubin who claimed that he was qualified to run for the top Tenom Umno post. Rubin also urged Rizalman to retract’ his statement. However, Rizalman refused to do so and stressed that the decision was made following a report by the Selection Committee headed by the Division Secretary, Jamawi Jaafar, adding that Rubin, Suhaii and Esar were not qualified as there were doubts over the nominations by several divisions. Rubin then challenged Rizalman to expose the divisions but until today, the latter had yet to do so.