Sunday, October 12, 2008


Kadazandusun museum, archive needed, says Pairin


There should be a proper place to display the Kadazandusun artefacts, rituals and other cultural heritage objects, Kadazan Dusun Cultural Association (KDCA) President Datuk Seri Panglima Joseph Pairin Kitingan said. “We have proven to be the custodian and conservator of Kadazandusun cultures, norms and practices. We hope that in the future, a Kadazandusun museum and archive could be established to display and conserve our artefacts, rituals and other cultural objects,” he said. In his speech at KDCA’s 11th triennial delegates conference here yesterday, Pairin pointed out that in years to come, the Kadazandusun people would continue to increase and spread throughout the-world. The establishment if à museum and archive would mean that the Kadazandusun people will have a place to pay homage and to reaffirm their identity, he said. KDCA, he added, has grown to be the symbol of unity, solidarity and continuity of the Kadazandusun people which is enhanced through the institutionalisation of the Huguan Siou. Pairin during a press conference later explained that the idea for a museum was not new as KDCA had embarked on trying to preserve talismen (jimat) in the past but the items tended to disappear. “We are now organising things and trying to get a place and we are looking at other organisations which have received assistance from the State Government as we would like to be treated similarly,” he said. Pairin in his speech also appealed to the Association’s younger generation of leaders as well as members to get involved and participate in efforts to help KDCA achieve its objective of making the Kadazandusun more enterprising and self-reliant. He pointed out that by working together and cooperating with one another, the Kadazandusun community can achieve great deeds at the individual as well as ethnic group level. “Unity among the Kadazandusun community is not an option anymore, it is a necessity and survival instinct that we stand for our rights as well as special privileges as natives of Sabah and Bumiputeras of Malaysia to be the driving force in nation building,” he said. Later when asked on talks of quarters creating disunity in KDCA, Pairin said that because of the ups and downs they have gone through in the past, it is something they are aware of. “We need people to understand that we should work together and this is a checklist so that we can be more aware,” he said, adding this would ensure that they will work towards resolving the issue with greater vigour.